About this Site

Company History

Founded as a family business in 2011, Social Vine Solutions helps businesses connect with their customers through social media, graphic design, and web presence. We manage and market social media campaigns and create content to help promote a wide variety of products. Restaurants, franchises, authors, artists, and, other small businesses are all among our past clients. 

Our Service Approach

As a budding family enterprise, we get to know small business owners directly and operate on a very friendly and personal business model. We hope that we can help bridge the gap between the less-tech-savvy and the fast-growing world of technology.

We believe that it is our job to bring your ideas to reality and that communication is the most important factor in this process. We offer a variety of individual services as well as support packages so that we can best meet your business' needs. General information about a few services is listed below. This list is by no means exhaustive, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in working with us.

Social Media Management
We can help you generate a positive social movement around your business through the use of all the most popular social networking websites. Through the use of well-planned and artfully crafted blog posts, updates, tweets, messages, and plenty of other jargon social media can help your customers feel a personal connection to your business. This investment of interest and 'hype' can easily make or break a product. All social media services are custom-tailored to best suit a business's needs. Please contact us if you have any interest in this service; it is our specialty.

Web Design
This service can vary greatly in complexity depending on your needs, but a website will generally go through a few basic phases before being considered a final product.
  • Initial Concept - the idea for the site can consist of a description, draft, example pages, drawings or various other media. As much information as possible is provided by the customer about the desired product website. The purpose of this stage is to clarify intentions for the website and get a general feeling for what the final product will look like. Concepts are considered completely FREE OF CHARGE. Please do not hesitate to contact us regardless of the state of your idea; the best ideas go through many iterations and will be reworked several times before a proposal can be produced.
  • Proposal - In this stage we present the customer with the implementation of their website. This proposal will include a description of the website's functions and some visuals as well as the price. The proposal can be tweaked or redone completely if the customer desires, pricing and services are highly negotiable at this point. A few other specifications need to be taken care of at this point. Such as whether or not a custom domain name is desired or if a custom web host is desired. We are familiar with the creation and hosting of websites through several different venues, DNS registration of custom names (such as "www.mysite.com") can be done for you. Before the next phase is begun a small deposit will likely be required.
  • Design - Customers are able to view their page's development in real time and are welcomed to provide input as the site comes to fruition. 
  • Implementation - Once the website is complete, it is submitted to the customer for a final review before the remaining payment is billed and ownership of the website is transferred. Full technical support for the site and maintenance is provided for the first 60 days of the website's operation. 
Please view some of our past projects on our 'businesses served' page if you need ideas for your site's design.

Graphic Design
The graphic design process is very similar to the web design process outlined above, but can be completed in a much shorter time-frame and thus is much more flexible. Most often this service is provided as part of a social marketing project, however we can provide this service for tens rather than hundreds of dollars. Please contact us if you have ideas or questions.

Who We Are

Our founders have a wide range of experience in business, web design, and marketing. More information about the company founders is listed below.

Bill@SocialVineSolutions.com - Professional Development

Lauren@SocialVineSolutions.com - Customer Relations

I have over  twenty years experience in accounting and bookkeeping.  I started working as a bookkeeper after taking accounting classes at Aims College in Colorado.  I began my studies there with the focus on graphic arts but soon became hooked with this bean counting thing and have been doing it in one form or another ever since.  I have worked with a wide range of clients, restaurant owners, building and home remodeling contractors, web designers and homeowner associations. My expertise is with individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners.  I am experienced with QuickBooks.

I consider myself a technological jack-of-all-trades and help keep everything running smoothly at Social Vine Solutions. After graduating with a BS in physics with minors in both mathematics and computer science, Social Vine Solutions is giving me the opportunity to use my knowledge from building scholastic websites as well as my experience with graphic design to help small businesses and individuals, and helping to pay for my graduate studies in electrical engineering.